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“We cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it. Our opportunity is to rise to a higher level of consciousness, experience a realization of Oneness, and allow life to unfold harmoniously from this inner knowing.”
Colleen Tanaka

As a spiritual counselor, Colleen is trained to guide and support you on your personal journey; whether you are dealing with a major life challenge, or an inner discontent and unrest.  Colleen provides the knowledge, the consciousness, and a safe space to facilitate the uncovering of beliefs that may be limiting the expression of your most harmonious and joyful life.

Each of us is here to experience and express the fullness of Life.  Through deep listening and prayer, Colleen will support you in achieving a greater realization of inner peace, clarity, and harmony… all of the blessings that evolve from a conscious awareness of Oneness.

Colleen has been a Spiritual Counselor, licensed through the United Centers for Spiritual Living since 1994. She works short and long-term clients on a regular basis.

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"Colleen's work with me has led me to a deeper understanding of my connection to the One and has enabled me to be absolutely delighted with my life."
Laura Hallett, RScP


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