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This three-hour workshop is offered towards the end of the year.  For it is at this time that we intuitively recognize an opportunity for reflection.  “Where am I in my life right now?”  At the same time, we feel the stirring of possibilities as we anticipate the birth of a New Year.  It is a powerful time for renewal; an occasion to be quiet and listen.  “What is being revealed to me at this juncture in my life?”

“Reflection & Renewal” is an enriching experience of meditation, journaling, visioning, and prayer.  It is a gift you give yourself; a special time to bless and bring closure to the current year and become a space of deep listening to discover direction and clarity in fulfilling your soul’s deepest desires in the New Year.

Colleen is available to present this sacred experience to a large group or a small circle of friends in your own home. 

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