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Affirmative prayer, or Spiritual Mind Treatment, was developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the United Centers for Spiritual Living and author of The Science of Mind.  Holmes wrote, “Prayer is not an act of overcoming God’s reluctance, but should be an active acceptance of His highest willingness.  Through prayer we recognize a spiritual law, that has always existed, and put ourselves in alignment with it.”  He believed the power to change your life is within you, and is dependent upon changing your thinking and realizing your true nature.  He taught that there is a creative power in the universe that receives the direct impress of your thought and acts upon it.  Think of the soil in your garden.  Your thoughts are the seeds that are planted in that soil.  The soil does not determine what will grow; it simply provides an environment for the seed to become what it already is.  As Ernest Holmes stated, “Life externalizes at the level of [your] thought.”  You are a creative being because you are a thinking being, and “to learn how to think is to learn how to live.”  Affirmative prayer is “treating” your mind to a new way of perceiving yourself and your life; it includes five steps: recognition, unification, realization, thanksgiving, and release.
Recognition is the first step of treatment.  The purpose of this step is to recognize that there is one infinite power in the universe.  Actually allow yourself to feel that there is a love/intelligence at work within and around you.  Once in that feeling space, you may affirm, “I recognize there is only one eternal, changeless, creative, loving power in the universe.”

Unification is the second step of treatment.  In this step, you unify yourself with the creative power.  Perhaps recall a walk in nature when you felt connected to everything around you.  That is the feeling of unification: being one with all of life.  Feel the active presence of infinite love/intelligence within you.  State, “I unify myself with this power, knowing that it is everywhere present.  I am one with it.  It is living me.”

Realization is the third step of treatment when you speak the truth about yourself (or another) as an individual incarnation of the one perfect life.  Knowing that there is only one power, you realize the non-power of any effect in your life.  The one perfect life is flowing through you and expressing as love, peace, joy, abundance, harmony, creativity, wholeness, and unlimited possibility.  You are always divinely inspired and guided to your highest good.  The realization step is much like stating affirmations.  Using first person, present tense, you specify what you know to be the truth of your being or situation.   For example, if you are concerned about a health issue, claim, “The life that is living me is perfect, whole and complete.”

Thanksgiving, the fourth step of treatment, is the expression of your gratitude.  It is the time to give thanks for all of the blessings in your life.  Allow yourself to feel how truly blessed you are; allow your heart to overflow with joy.  Feeling and knowing that good is always unfolding, you may claim, “I am grateful for the peace and joy I now experience, knowing I am one with the Divine.”

Release is the fifth and final step of treatment.  Releasing your word to the creative power, that responds to your thought, is the purpose of this step.  End your prayer by stating, “I release this word to the law, knowing it is already done.  And so it is.”

The following is an example of a Spiritual Mind Treatment for perfect health; it is comprised of the five steps. 

“There is only one power in the universe; omnipresent, eternal, and changeless.  This power is the substance of all form.  I am an individual expression of this Infinite Intelligence and Loving Presence.  The kingdom of wholeness and perfection is established within me, and has been from the beginning.  I am still and know this to be the truth of my being right now.  I speak my word knowing that my body is the body of the infinite.  It is perfect, whole and complete.  Every cell, every organ, every system works in perfect harmony with the whole because it is a manifestation of my consciousness of Oneness.  I give thanks for the vibrant health that is living me.  I relax and surrender to the perfect order of the universe.  I release my word into the fertile soil of universal perfection, knowing it is already done.  I let it be. And so it is.”

“Change your thinking, change your life” is what Ernest Holmes taught.  Spiritual Mind Treatment is a powerful tool to assist you in doing this.  Through the five steps of treatment, you are able to align with your true nature -- a perfect seed in the creative soil of the universe. You have the power to change your life.  “The time is now; the place is where you are, and it is done unto you as you believe.”

Ernest Holmes quotes are from:  The Science of Mind. New York: Putnam’s, 1938.



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"Prayer is the Word of God which comes to you when you are silent enough, still enough and expectant to receive it."
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