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Contemplating “IS”

Purpose: To attain a higher and deeper consciousness.

When we enter into contemplative silence, it is not to mull over challenges, problems, concerns, or desires.  This is a time to let go of all concerns and desires, and abide in the Truth of our Being.  We cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it.  Our opportunity is to rise to a higher level of consciousness, experience a realization of Oneness, and allow life to unfold harmoniously from this inner knowing.

When our minds are cluttered with desires and concerns, there is no room for realization or revelation.  There is no opening through which the Infinite may work.  A quiet mind provides an empty vessel for Spirit to come forth. God is present where it is realized!

If at any time throughout the day, we find ourselves dwelling on an appearance: stop, take a breath, and contemplate ‘IS’.  Dwell on the Nature of the Universe and the Nature of Individual Being.  As we practice this, continually, harmony will unfold without taking thought.  We don’t have to “make” anything happen.  It is already done.  Our conscious realization and embodiment of this truth creates inner peace. And from this consciousness of peace, harmony unfolds.

The following is adapted from a meditation by Joel Goldsmith:

Take as your introductory word, the word ‘IS’.   Let it abide in you for a few moments, and then let it disappear as you merely become receptive to the spiritual experience.  Now, the reason for the word ‘IS,’ is this.  We are to have no desires.  Therefore we are not to pray to God for anything.  And the only way that we can refrain from praying is to acknowledge that whatever it is that we would pray for, already ‘IS’.  In other words, “The Kingdom of God already IS within me” or “The Lord IS my shepherd.”  I have nothing to pray for.  I have nothing to fear, nothing to want.  I'm completely surrounded with ‘IS’.  The Lord ‘IS’, I already Am.  The Grace that I am seeking ‘IS’ already established within me.  I open to the consciousness, the state of feeling, that harmony already ‘IS’, that nothing can come to me now from God, for “I and My Father are (already) One.”  So now, this I being established in me, I have nothing to pray for. My prayer only is the word, ‘IS.’ 

The Lord IS my Shepherd.
Harmony already IS.  Perfection already IS.  Infinity already IS.
Peace already IS.  Supply already IS.  Love already IS.
The Kingdom of God IS within me.
And so, in that ‘IS’, I have no more desires.  I have nothing more to attain.  I have only to abide in the word… ‘IS’.   Be still and know.




“No demonstration rises higher than the consciousness from which it emanates.”
Joel Goldsmith


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Contemplating "Is"


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