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I have always been a seeker. I came that way. I’m sure it was a little disconcerting for my parents, when long past my bedtime; I would tiptoe downstairs and inundate them with countless inquiries into the meaning of life.  I know my questions were exhausting at times. Fortunately for me, and my parents, I found my way.  Or, more appropriately, my way found me.

My journal proved to be of immeasurable value to me. I came to it intuitively as a child, driven by a hunger to understand myself, God, and the purpose of my life. Something within me wanted to burst forth and express. I am reminded of Robert Browning’s words, “Open out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape.”

My enthusiasm for journaling evolved into a dedicated study of the art, and I began facilitating journal writing workshops in 1991. Soon after, in 1995, I produced “Journey InWords,” a journal writing workshop in audio and videotape formats. 

I have had the delight of presenting my work at the United Centers for Spiritual Living Asilomar Summer Conference, the International New Thought Alliance Congress, the Clark County School District, the College of Southern Nevada, and numerous New Thought Centers and Community Organizations in the United States and Canada. My writing has been published in the Science of Mind magazine’s “Daily Guides to Richer Living.”

The study and practice of spiritual truth eventually led me to become licensed in 1994 as a Spiritual Counselor through the United Centers for Spiritual Living (UCSL). In this capacity, I work with individuals, small groups, facilitate workshops and teach accredited UCSL classes.

Speaking at spiritual centers is a great joy for me. I am passionate about sharing mystical  truth. I am energized and enriched by the opportunity to be present and to guide, inspire, and uplift others.   

Originally from Canada, I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband Lester, our 20-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter.

That’s my “story.” The truth is that I know myself to be an eternal spiritual being, living in the now – at peace with the “is ness” of life and feeling a deep abiding joy in the realization of my true nature… my Oneness with the Infinite. 





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