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“Colleen is an inspired, thoughtful, and gifted speaker. We were honored to have Colleen officiate the Welcoming for both of our children, and most recently the Wake of my late Mother. Each ceremony was brilliantly inspired, thought provoking, and unique to our family. Colleen is extraordinarily compassionate; her depth of understanding the human condition is like no one else I've known.  The energy and dialogue she brings to all gatherings creates a snap-shot in the moments of one’s life. She truly is a gift!”
Dayna Kinsman
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Colleen is a masterful facilitator; her workshop was a mountaintop experience.”
Elmiree Farr Walter, RScP, Emeritus
Author, Speaker, Spiritual Coach
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Colleen's work with me has led me to a deeper understanding of my connection to the One and has enabled me to be absolutely delighted with my life."
Laura Hallett, RScP
Las Vegas, Nevada

“My renewed spiritual journey began when I took Colleen Tanaka's Reflection & Renewal Workshop. I knew from the very moment I met Colleen that I had found my spiritual counselor and mentor that would guide me on my journey to spiritual discovery and authentic self. Colleen truly is a master teacher and gifted spiritual counselor. I have taken every opportunity to learn in her presence, for Colleen creates an atmosphere of openness and Oneness with Spirit which allows for a greater awareness of self and deeper connection with God.”
Cindy Neibaur
Las Vegas, Nevada



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